Pre-Order Helper - FAQ

1. How do I add items for pre-order?

2. How do I customize the look and feel of my Pre-Order button?

  • In the Settings > Design tab you will find all settings to customize the pre-order button. Please check below screenshot

  • Color Pattern section allows you to change the background color, text color, border color, hover background color, hover text color, hover border color.

  • Button Text section allows you to change the text of the button, font style, border width, border-radius.

  • Tooltip Design section allows you to change the background color, text color, border color of the tooltip.

  • Tooltip Text section allows you to change the text, font-size, border width, border radius of the tooltip.

3. How do I add Pre-Order to my store?

After installation, the app works out of the box for the most common themes. If your theme is custom, it may require integration which we can do for free all you have to do is send us staff access on [email protected] Also, don’t forget to enable the app (Settings > General) and add products that you like to allow for pre-order. The pre-order button will show up once the inventory of that product reaches zero. Make sure ‘continue selling when out of stock' and 'track quantity' checkbox is checked for that product.

4. How do the settings work?

The app has three types of settings. The general settings, design settings, product level setting, variant level settings. General settings are used to set validation messages, pre-order time period, app enable/disable, total pre-order cart limit, etc. product level settings are used to override some general settings like pre-order time period, button text, tooltip text, etc. Also, you can set a quantity limit, sold out message, etc. variant level settings override all settings. design setting allows changing look and feel of the pre-order button like text color, background color, hover color, text, font size, fonts, etc.

5. How does quantity limit settings work?

Quantity limit setting available on two-level, product, and variant. Variant level quantity limit overrides the product level quantity limit. If there is no limit set, customers can order as many products as they want. If the limit is reached, a sold-out message will show on the product page.

6. Where does the “sold out” message show up?

Sold out message show up in the place of the pre-order button.

7. When does the “Message to customer if they try to pre-order more then the max quantity set” display?

When the customer tries to order pre-order items more than the cart quantity limit. The “Pre-order quantity limit for total cart message“ shows up on the cart page. Also, if a customer tries to order a pre-order item more than the quantity limit of that item the “Pre-order limit exceeded:” message shows up.

8. Does Pre-Order Helper work on all pages?

Pre-order Helper works only on the product page. It also works on

9. Does Pre-Order Helper support product QuickView popups and AJAX collection pages/collection page filter apps?

Please email us [email protected] to see if we can integrate there on your theme.

10. Is there an ability to choose when to start and stop pre-order sales?

Yes, you can fully control when pre-order start and stop. If you like to set a pre-order time period for all products set the Pre-order active till under the Settings > General tab.

You can also set this on the product and variant level.

11. How do I see which of my orders are Pre-Orders?

To show a list of pre-orders navigate to the Product and click on the view pre-order list link.

12. What are your normal support hours?

The support team available from 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time Monday to Friday.

13. Do you charge for custom development and how much?

Yes, we charge for custom development. The rate is $40 per hour.

14. Can I set a Pre-Order for an item to be delivered at a future date?

We are planning to add this functionality in the nearest future. If you want this functionality send us a mail on [email protected] so we can keep you updated

15. Can I take a deposit for Pre-Order and only charge once it has been delivered?

No, the app does not have this functionality at this time. we are planning to add this functionality in the nearest future. If you want this functionality send us a mail on [email protected] so we can keep you updated

16. Which timezone is used to check the current date for the pre-order time period setting?

The app uses your shop timezone