Pre-Order Helper - FAQ

1. How to set up Pre-Orders

A) Enable App and customize settings ( button text, size, etc)

B) For the product's that you'd like to offer Pre-Orders, make sure the conditions match below (which can be set in the 'Products' section from the left sidebar navigation)

  • A. Inventory Policy: Shopify tracks this product's inventory

  • B. Quantity: set to 0

  • C. Check: Allow customers to purchase this product when it's out of stock

C) Click the “Add Pre-Order” button in your top left to add products you’d like to start enabling Pre-Orders. Make sure to save after you’ve added them.

Here is a video showing how to set up your first Pre-Order :)

2. What is the difference between the “disable” and “stop selling” values of the app status?

The “disable” stops the whole app from functioning while the “stop selling” will remove the add to cart button from the product page.

3. How does quantity limit settings works?

If you set a quantity limit to both the product and its variant, then the less quantity limit will apply from two of them. For example, if product “TEST” has two variant and the product quantity limit is 10 while the variant limit is 5, then the variant quantity limit will apply.

4. When does the “Message if item is out” show up?

The "Message if item is out" will appear on the product page if

A) A customer orders more quantity then is in stock

B) The product is on the list of available pre-order items.

Customer wants to order 5 quantity, but only 2 are in stock

5. When does the “Message to customer if they try to pre order more then the max quantity set” display?

This message will be displayed when someone tries to pre-order more items more than the quantity limit. For example, if a product has a quantity limit of 10 and if a customer tries to pre-order 11 items for that product, the “Message if item is out” shows up.

For example:

6. Is there a way to hide the pre-order button tooltip?

No. You can hide this using a custom CSS code.

7. What is the use of the "Add Pre-Order" page?

When you want a product to be pre-ordered, you need to use the Add Pre-Order page. You have to add which products you want to enable pre-orders.

Click 'Add Pre-Order"

Then edit settings and save.

**Make sure the product meets the conditions as described in question 1 to ensure Pre-Order will be live on your storefront.

8. Does Pre-Order Helper work on all pages?

It works only for the product and cart pages.

9. Does Pre-Order Helper require extra theme updates or installation?

No. It does not require extra theme updates or installation.

10. Does Pre-Order Helper support product QuickView popups and AJAX collection pages/collection page filter apps?

No. It works only for the product and cart pages.

11. Is there an ability to choose when to start and stop pre-order sales?

The app doesn’t have the automation to start and stop pre-order. You need to do it manually using the app admin.

11. How do I see which of my orders are Pre-Orders?

In the app settings, you can add a customizable tag for each Pre-Order that you will be able to filter in your orders section after.

Customize tag in app settings like below:

Then in the Orders section, you can click more filters and then enter the tag you've added in Pre-Order Helper settings.

12. What are your normal support hours?

Our support hours are Monday - Friday 9am EST to 5pm EST. We always aim to respond within 1 business day but typically respond much much quicker :)